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You are a Wizard!

Explore the Dungeon, collect mystical Relics, learn powerful Spells and defeat as many Enemies as possible! Choose a class and embark on your adventure!


Dungeon Wizards is a match3- rogue-lite- role-playing game. By combining attack tiles with enemy or boss tiles, you defeat your foes and gain experience points to level up your wizard. Spend your attributes with caution to survive as long as possible. Collect rune tiles to learn powerful spells and use these spells to weaken your opponents, to strengthen yourself or to manipulate the playingfield. Matching coin tiles unlock relics that give you passive bonuses. For example, earn additional experience points every round or an attribute bonus after using a spell.


  • Playable tutorial for an easy introduction
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • 8 classes with different playing styles
  • 21 bosses with unique skills
  • 45 relics with different characteristics
  • 30 spells in the categories fire, water and earth
  • Rankings and statistics for all classes and levels of difficulty
  • Long-term motivation through a level system for classes and players to unlock new skills, relics and spells
  • Collection of all relics, spells and bosses unlocked so far.
  • Achievements


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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This Game Is Really Cool And The Graphics Are Awesome! Keep Up The Good Work! (You Also Got A Follow!)

Rough around the edges but not a terrible price for a match-3 free of microtransactions and roguelite mechanic. Addicting but not in a way that breaks your wallet. Hope they continue to polish this, but a solid core.


Is there any chance you could do a Linux version of this? It looks really cool :-)